TRN registration

A company residing in the UAE is obligated to register as a VAT payer if its taxable goods or services turnover exceeds 375,000 AED (~$100,000). To register, you must apply to the FTA for a tax number that will enable you to track all your business transactions. We will submit your document package to the FTA and assist you in obtaining your tax number promptly.

TRN tax number

To apply for a TRN tax number, you will need to provide a substantial amount of documents and information about yourself and your company:

  • Company charter (MOA)
  • Company registration certificate (if available)
  • A copy of the current company license
  • Copies of passports, visas, and Emirates IDs of all shareholders, signatories, and company sponsors (if available)
  • A statement of the company’s turnover for the past 12 months. The statement should be on the company’s letterhead, signed by the manager and stamped on every page
  • Signed and company-stamped copies of invoices in UAE dirhams
  • PO Box number (if available)
  • Company’s legal address
  • Bank account details

It is advisable to prepare all documents and responses to all queries beforehand to avoid resolving issues as they arise.

Questions you will be asked when applying for a tax number

  1. State your estimated sales volume for the upcoming 30 days.
  2. Are you planning to import goods or services? If yes, will there be imports to the Gulf countries.
  3. Are you planning to export goods or services? If yes, will there be exports to the Gulf countries.
  4. If you are planning to import and/or export goods or services to the Gulf countries, provide an estimate of the annual import/export volume (in UAE dirhams).
  5. Do you have a customs registration number? If yes, provide the customs registration number and the emirate where it was issued. Please also provide a copy of your customs clearance certificate.
  6. Will the VAT amount on outgoing payments regularly surpass the VAT amount on incoming payments?

Our Clients' FAQ

UAE resident companies, whose services or turnover are VAT taxable, must register as VAT payers if they exceed the threshold of 375,000 AED. Upon reaching the specified turnover threshold, you will only have 30 days to apply for a TRN.

 UAE resident companies, whose services or turnover are VAT taxable, can voluntarily register as VAT payers if their turnover exceeds 187,500 AED in the last 12 months (or if it is expected to exceed this threshold in the next 30 days). We advise you to apply and register with the FTA once your turnover reaches 187,500 dirhams, at which point you can voluntarily register as a VAT payer to avoid future delays.

Yes. A separate TRN for VAT will be assigned to you if your registration application is approved. The process of obtaining it may be expedited if you already have a Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) for excise tax, as some of your company’s information is already with the FTA.

Income tax returns are completed based on invoices for incoming payments.

The client’s name, account number, bank name, bank branch information, IBAN number, and SWIFT code.

No. You can only have one VAT tax number at a time.

The crossing of the limit is determined by the date of the issued invoice, not the receipt of it, so it is crucial to closely monitor the total amount of issued invoices.


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