Setting up a freezone company

Foreign business owners who are reluctant to invest substantial resources into a new venture often opt to open a freezone company. Compared to a mainland one, it demands significantly less effort and expenditure in the early stages, but it may pose certain challenges in the future, such as difficulties in opening a bank account.

Открытие компании freezone в ОАЭ

Freezone company

In most cases, companies that do not intend to offer services or sell products in the Emirates opt for a freezone license. Companies holding such a license are permitted to provide services and conduct business activities solely within their designated zone. Nonetheless, there are other ways to get around this system. Our specialists work directly with government bodies to assist you in making the most suitable choice for your specific situation.

What is included in the service?

  • Company registration permit
  • Company name registration
  • Legal address registration
  • Obtaining a business license
  • Obtaining an Establishment Card

We can also assist you with receiving a visa  and opening a corporate bank account.

Вид из офиса freezone компании

Stages of opening a company

  • Obtaining a license

    to conduct business

  • Drafting and signing the charter

    if the previous steps were successful

  • Получение Estabishment cGetting an Establishment cardard

    (immigration registration card)

  • Registration and receipt of a resident visa

    for company founders

  • Opening a corporate bank account

    95% of customers open it immediately after registration

What else can we do for you?

  • We facilitate the acquisition of permits from relevant ministries and departments
  • We provide additional founders and a local representative
  • We provide assistance in selecting and leasing an office
  • We help in establishing employee quotas
  • We assist in staff recruitment

Our Clients' FAQ

The price directly depends on the specific situation and the difficulty of acquiring a license, but the price for opening a company starts at $6000.

Typically, a freezone company can be set up within 10–15 days. This period may extend depending on the choice of a freezone and the strictness of regulations pertaining to your business activity, as obtaining certain permits may take up to a month.

Currently, there are barely any differences between these jurisdictions, as both have VAT and income tax. Freezone might be appealing as it usually offers a broader spectrum of business activities and greater flexibility in their combination. Moreover, freezones outside of Dubai and Abu Dhabi may also be cost-effective. The primary drawback of a freezone is the difficulty in opening a bank account, whereas in the mainland, an account can be set up within just 3 business days. In the mainland, it is not only cheaper and simpler to receive visas for employees, but, most importantly, almost all processes can also be expedited.


    • What we did
    • Formed a company
    • Helped acquire a visa within five working days
    • Opened an account within a month
    • Hired 20+ employees and assisted with their family visas
    • Continue to provide support to this day
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    • What we did
    • The mainland company was established in three days
    • The visa for one of the founders was secured within a week
    • The company bank account was opened in three days
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    • What we did
    • The company was established within 2 weeks, despite a glitch in the government system.
    • The visa was obtained in 2.5 weeks
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