AWATERA came about in 2017, following a merger between two language services market leaders, ABBYY Language Services and TRAKTAT. The new company possessed the necessary resources, skills, and expertise from day one.
Today, AWATERA is a versatile international company with a multi-skilled portfolio that includes, inter alia, language services, localization, software development, investment management, and startup investing.
AWATERA combines the enthusiasm of a young company with the professionalism of an experienced market player.
We set up an office in Dubai, UAE, in 2021.
We help to propel businesses from Russia and other countries into the international market, offering turn-key services for opening foreign bank accounts, registering a legal entity, obtaining visas for business owner and employees, legalization of personal documents, localization of products into foreign languages, and more.


  • Ideas
    Our employees are not afraid to pitch their novel ideas. We prize new ideas and appreciate creative inputs that help the company grow and improve
  • Values
    We respect everyone's values and worldviews, and we try to encourage everyone.
  • Off the Job
    Our team has a tradition we call "kvartirnik" or "home show": once every few months we all perform on the same stage, sharing vibrant musical moments with each other.
  • Learning
    We offer plenty of learning opportunities for our employees, from psychological coaching to conversational English classes.

We are committed to helping our clients get a foothold in international markets. A benign taxation system, an attractive market for products, optimization of import supply chains, avoidance of price pressure, and a less intense competitive climate… These are only a few of the benefits our clients enjoy when they start their business in the UAE.

The AWATERA Story 

  • 2017
    Two of Russia’s leading language services companies, ABBYY LS and ТRАКТАТ, merge under the umbrella brand AWATERA™. The new market player boasts an annual turnover exceeding RUB 1 billion.
  • 2019
    AWATERA merges with SPEAKUS, developer of a cloud platform for remote simultaneous interpretation.
    With this platform, we can easily set up verbal translation services for any event, anywhere in the world, within the space of a few hours.
  • 2021
    AWATERA opens an office in Dubai, UAE. We chose the UAE as a fast-growing business hub and a politically neutral country. A benign taxation climate, the opportunity to network with top global players in IT and other fields, convenient asset management options for trading with any nations… These are only a few of the benefits enjoyed by us and our clients when they move their business to the UAE.