Document legalization in the UAE

For relocation, studying, or working in the UAE, you need to translate and legalize various legal documents (passports, birth certificates, diplomas, powers of attorney, etc). We are happy to help you with this. Documents issued overseas only gain legal validity in the UAE after being legalized.

Our firm provides a service for legalizing Russian personal and corporate documents in the UAE, which is highly convenient as it eliminates the need to leave the UAE.

Document legalization in the UAE

Our company has offices in both Moscow and Dubai. If you are in the UAE, there is no need to leave the country or arrange power of attorney for relatives in Russia – we can help you to legalize your personal documents right here in Dubai or other emirates.

Legalization of Russian documents in the UAE may be necessary for obtaining a visa, at an employer’s request, or due to personal requirements.

This procedure enables you to carry out all necessary actions for legalization in the UAE, saving you time and money on trips to Russia. We are pleased to announce that document legalization in the UAE is quicker than in Russia.

What is included in the service?

  • Preparation of notarized originals or document copies
  • Translation of documents into Arabic by a certified translator with notary verification
  • Document translation certification at the Ministry of Justice
  • Visa issuance at the Ministry of Justice
  • Sending documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain the relevant seal
  • Document certification at the UAE Embassy in Moscow
  • Comprehensive consultation and managerial support

Document legalization process

  • 1) Document legalization by the Russian Consulate

    Documents undergo verification by three authorities in Russia – the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the UAE Consulate in Russia.

  • 2) Document legalization by governmental bodies in the UAE

    The subsequent step in legalization, after the documents have been reviewed and approved by the Russian Consulate, involves transferring the documents to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The UAE Ministry verifies and approves the documents. Then the documents are translated into Arabic at the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Our Clients' FAQ

Original documents are sent to the Russian Consulate and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Then the documents are translated into Arabic at the UAE Ministry of Justice. It takes approximately two weeks to complete the legalization process.

The legalization of personal documents, such as Russian documents being legalized in the UAE, takes 2–3 weeks.

For corporate documents issued in the UAE for legalization in Russia, the process takes 5–7 business days.

Personal documents issued either in Russia or at the Russian Embassy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, like birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, etc.

Corporate documents that were issued in the UAE and need to be legalized for use in Russia, such as licenses, charters, etc.

For personal documents, prices start at 1,850 AED per document. We make a copy of it, legalize it, and then translate it into Arabic. The process typically takes 2–3 weeks.

We are also ready to assist with the legalization of corporate documents issued in the UAE for use in Russia. This service starts at 3,700 AED, which includes legalization at both the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Embassy. This process typically takes 5–7 business days.


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