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Comprehensive Services

Form a turnkey company
from $6,000
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Accounting support
from $500/mon.
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Launching a Business

Account opening
Бухгалтерские услуги в Дубай от Аватера
from $2,000
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Visas for employees
from $1,850
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In-depth market analysis
from $1,000
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Supporting Business

Document translation
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Document Legalization
from 1,850 د
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Legal services
from $200
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Advantages of Working with AWATERA Experts

  • Address all questions and issues related to company formation in one place
  • Complimentary translation of all documents required by banks or economic zone regulations
  • Free consultation on minor or everyday matters
  • Achieve results, even in seemingly hopeless situations
  • Offer premium Moscow service at an affordable price


    • What we did
    • Formed a company
    • Helped acquire a visa within five working days
    • Opened an account within a month
    • Hired 20+ employees and assisted with their family visas
    • Continue to provide support to this day
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    Our work, from establishing the company to fully employing the staff, took approximately a month and a half. The first Dodo Pizza location opened in Dubai in January 2023. We are very happy for them and continue to provide support by answering their questions in detail. This experience was also beneficial to us. Through our collaboration with Dodo, we realized that we can offer comprehensive legal support on all matters related not only to relocation but also to conducting business in a Muslim country.
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    • What we did
    • The mainland company was established in three days
    • The visa for one of the founders was secured within a week
    • The company bank account was opened in three days
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    In this article, we explain how you can swiftly start selling green coffee from Indonesia worldwide with the right approach to business registration in Dubai.
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    • What we did
    • The company was established within 2 weeks, despite a glitch in the government system.
    • The visa was obtained in 2.5 weeks
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    While we working with SmartAge, a beauty product supplier, we faced a significant error from a government body. Ironically, this was also our first customer in the Emirates. Here's what transpired and how we tackled it
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What can you expect from a free consultation?

We’ll examine your situation in an online meeting and prepare a commercial offer file, outlining the possibilities and optimal solutions for your issue.

  • We’ll analyze the task
  • We’ll itemize all expenses
  • We’ll outline the entire process step by step and indicate the timeframes for each stage
  • We’ll select the jurisdiction tailored to your business activities, license, and other documents, and inform you about all the requirements for obtaining them

Tell us about what interests you, and we'll
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    • Ilya Farafonov,
      CEO of Dodo Pizza
      We got in touch with the AWATERA team after our first unsuccessful experience with other local consultants.
      Their services, such as company registration, account opening, employee hiring, and advice on various legal and business issues, surpassed our expectations, and I can genuinely recommend them as experts in their field.
      Moreover, we continue working together to this day. For them, phrases like "we don't know" or "that's impossible" do not exist. Their team is always prepared to help find solutions to nearly any business-related question in Dubai and the Emirates.
      September 08, 2022
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    • Nikolay Klimov
      Co-founder and CEO of Karakter Coffee UAE
      When the need to open a company in the Emirates arose, I began asking my acquaintances. They recommended reaching out to AWATERA. We communicated via Zoom, discussed all the details; I received some advice on what to do and what to avoid. In a couple of days, they sent me a proposal outlining all actions and costs for each service. The team was always available, and everything was accomplished surprisingly quickly. Thank you for continuing to support me even months later.
      October 12, 2022
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