Golden visa

The golden visa of the UAE is a special residency status that provides enhanced living opportunities in the UAE. Different visas offer different privileges to their holders. The golden visa essentially encompasses all these privileges. It allows you to access quality healthcare at par with the locals, easily conduct business in the UAE, open an account in a local bank, use the well-developed infrastructure for living and leisure, and become a tax resident of the country with a favorable tax regime. We can assist you in swift application for a golden visa!

For real estate investors

One way to acquire a golden visa is through real estate investment. The UAE real estate market is among the most thriving sectors in the Emirates, making real estate investment an excellent choice for those seeking to quickly attain residency status with maximum privileges.

Investors who own real estate valued at least 2,000,000 AED (~$500,000) or have a share in property of equivalent value are eligible for a golden visa. It is important to note that the total investment can comprise various assets. The property could either be already constructed or still under construction by a certified developer. Moreover, the property can also be mortgaged from a certified bank.

Notably, an application for a golden visa can be submitted if investments in the under-construction property have reached or exceeded 2,000,000 AED and the construction is more than 50% complete.

What is included in the service?

  • Assistance in document package preparation
  • Undergoing a medical examination
  • Submission of biometric data
  • Acquisition of a resident visa
  • Acquisition of an Emirates ID

For skilled workers

Skilled workers in all fields can also secure a golden visa with our assistance.

There are two primary criteria for a skilled employee to obtain a golden visa:

  1. The profession should be of a first or second level, as per the Ministry of Labor’s classification.
  2. The salary should be no less than 30,000 AED (~$8,000).

If you satisfy these two criteria, you are eligible for a 10-year golden visa.

What is included in the service?

  • Assistance in document package preparation
  • Undergoing a medical examination
  • Submission of biometric data
  • Acquisition of a resident visa
  • Acquisition of an Emirates ID

Emirates ID

The Emirates ID is a card that carries a unique identification number for its holder. The Emirates ID card or credential provides the following benefits:

  • enables long-term residency in the UAE;
  • allows the formalization of Ejari long-term housing rental contracts;
  • grants access to both governmental and non-governmental services;
  • permits unlimited crossings of the UAE border;
  • facilitates the procurement of insurance for medical consultations and treatments in the UAE;
  • provides the opportunity to work and conduct business in the UAE;
  • allows for-profit education at all local academic institutions;
  • enables applications for Schengen or U.S. visas;
  • allows for the acquisition of a standard driving license;
  • enables the opening of an account or securing a loan from a local bank.

The Emirates ID is issued with any resident visa.

What is included in the service?

  • Assistance in document package preparation
  • Undergoing a medical examination
  • Submission of biometric data
  • Acquisition of a resident visa
  • Acquisition of an Emirates ID

The process of obtaining a visa

  • Obtaining an entry permit

    You give us the documents, we verify, translate, get them legally certified and forward them to the relevant ministries. Simultaneously, we arrange an entry permit for you, which remains valid for 2 months. If you are abroad when the permit is issued, you must arrive before the permit expires.

  • Changing visa status

    The moment you set foot in the UAE, a specific status is allocated to you. In most cases, you can enter the country either as a tourist or a resident. If you are abroad when your entry permit is issued, your status will automatically change to “non-tourist” upon border crossing. If your entry permit is issued while you are already in the UAE, the status is changed manually.

  • Undergoing a medical examination

    Undergoing a medical examination is a compulsory step in the process of applying for any kind of visa. The medical examination includes blood analysis and fluorography.

  • Submission of biometric data

    Submission of biometric data is yet another obligatory step. This procedure must be completed in the UAE. Essentially, you just need to provide your fingerprints.

  • Issuance of a resident visa

    All paperwork is coordinated through the immigration service. Provided everything has been prepared accurately, the ministries will give their approval and issue the visa.

  • Acquisition of an Emirates ID

    Once your visa is issued, you will be given a plastic card with a unique identification number for accessing services within the UAE.

Documents required for an investor golden visa include:

  1.       A passport.
  2. An electronic copy of the certificate of title to verify ownership or a certificate of title for an under-construction property.
  3. Official proof that at least 50% of the investment project has been completed. The project’s completion status can be checked on the Dubai Land Department’s website or app.
  4. If the property is mortgaged, a no-objection certificate from the bank is required, stating the paid and outstanding amounts.
  5. A personal photograph.
  6. A current health insurance.
  7. The original of an Emirates ID (if available).
  8. A copy of the most recent UAE visa (if available).
  9. A certificate from the UAE police confirming no criminal record.

Documents required for a golden visa for skilled workers:

  1. An employment contract verifying official employment in the UAE.
  2. A bank statement proving an income exceeding 30,000 AED (~$8000) over a six-month period. In certain instances, a statement from a different country or even a non-bank statement may be acceptable.
  3. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree that has been legalized in the UAE.
  4. A certificate from the employer indicating no objection to the employee applying for the golden visa.
  5. The profession should be of a high, first or second level, as per the Ministry of Labor’s classification.

Our Clients' FAQ

The processing price is $5,000. The processing time varies depending on numerous factors. Typically, this visa takes 2–4 weeks to process.

Yes, undergoing a medical examination is a compulsory step for residency acquisition. It includes blood tests and fluorography.

Only fingerprints are required.


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